Jul 25, 2007

Variations of Tactics

Strategy determines direction. The actual execution of the plan to achieve objectives is called tactics and it begins with contact. Internally, that contact may be with the development or production process of a product or service. Externally, that contact is usually with a customer! The contact makes personal relationships an important issue in tactics and explains why tactics must vary. At the point of contact, unpredictable personal equations become part of the scenario.

While strategic principles are unchanging for all time, tactics (implementation of the strategy) vary with the times and circumstances and must be tuned to current situations.

The purpose of tactical maneuvering is to relocate the battle to a place where superiority can be obtained.
Strategies at any level are the tactics of the next lower level in the chain of command. The best tactical school is experience. And the people with prior experience in their industry have the soundest tactical foundation.(msn.abulhood)

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