Aug 13, 2007

The One Key to Success and High Self Esteem

I have always listened to personal development motivational CDs these years when I am driving to invest into myself because like what Brian Tracy says, I am the most important person in the world.

What about you? What do you do when you drive?

Are you listening to personal development CDs to motivate yourself into achieving your dreams eventually? Or are you listening to the news that is constantly pumping you with negative news and in turn make you a negative person? Since you will be listening to something anyway while you drive, why don’t you listen to something that could make you rich instead of making someone else rich?

The question was actually asked how do you develop self esteem and self confidence one of the answer Brian Tracy gave was this:

“Jim, Denis and I are always asked: What is the one key factor to success? And I am always very annoyed by this question because if there was truly one key to success, we will all be out of business. However, when I thought about it after some time, there is truly a one key to success and that is:

Do What You Resolve To Do!

If you do what you resolve to do, you will in turn increase your level of self esteem that makes you feel great that you get things done and eventually will increase your self confidence and you will get more things done!”

What about you? What is it that you wanted to do but have not got started? What were the New Year resolutions that you made every year and has not resolved doing it? With the key factor to success and in turn elevating your self esteem and self development, I am sure you too will be the next successful individual.

I Believe In You! I Know You Can Do It Too!-(E.Goh)

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