Aug 20, 2007

Time Mastery: know and avoid biggest time wasters

Reducing time wasters is a three-step process:

1. Discover the time waster.
2. Identify alternatives to address it.
3. Implement your solutions.

Discover the time waster.
.. the unscheduled product supports and business attendences would throw your schedule for a loop.

Identify alternatives to address it.
.. make better use of your administrative support staff that runs in the retro.

Implement solutions.
.. Identifying time wasters and brainstorming solutions is the easier side of the equation. Creating the muscle to make it happen is the tougher side. Go out on a limb and schedule an appointment with your manager to discuss findings and brainstorm possible solutions. You don't know what kind of support  you'll get until you ask. If you have a good manager, he or she is extremely interested in any solution that will yield greater employee productivity.-(BDChief)

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