Sep 1, 2007

3 Keys to Have Authentic Happiness

In today’s time it may seem like authentic happiness is not possible. However, if the truth be told, authentic happiness is much easier to have then most people may think. The key to having authentic happiness is knowing how and where to look for it. Here are 3 keys to have authentic happiness.

1. It must be internal.

Authentic happiness is only possible if it is something that is internal. If you are trying to find happiness in external things you will find that this kind of happiness is short lived. The reason why is external things are always changing. You might be happy today but things may change tomorrow and then you won’t be happy. True happiness must come from the inside.

2. Know what makes you happy.

Have you ever sat down and really thought about what makes you happy and why? If you haven’t it will be almost impossible to have authentic happiness. Think about it. If you don’t know what makes you happy you will never be able to work towards it. You will just be chasing a feeling that will end up making you empty handed. Once you identify what makes you happy you will finally stop chasing smoke and focus on what is real.

3. Change your rules for happiness.

What rules do you have to make you happy? You might say that to be happy you will have to a millionaire or be in love. The thing about this is that you have made it difficult to be happy. If you change the rules so that it’s easy to be happy you will find authentic happiness much faster. For instance, you could make it a rule that you feel happy because you are alive. That makes it pretty easy to feel happy.

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