Sep 27, 2007

K' Personality

Kratos is a destructive, amoral and self-centered character, driven constantly by his rage and pride. In God of War, he blames the original God of War, Ares, for tricking him into killing his wife and child while ensnared by blind fury. Likewise, in God of War II, he swears revenge on Zeus for deceiving and killing him, destroying his home-city of Sparta, exterminating the army that Kratos had led to Rhodes, and destroying The Spartans.

Kratos does display feelings of guilt or sorrow occasionally, (mostly for his family) but these emotions are often converted to extreme rage (such as when Kratos accidentally stabbed Athena, mortally wounding her). Kratos also showed respect for the Spartan warriors he leads, and compassion for his home-city of Sparta along with her residents. Unable to cope with the memory of his own misdeeds, Kratos has attempted suicide on two separate occasions (and faked a third suicide attempt to trick Zeus into letting his guard down).

Kratos is stubborn and prideful. He believes that his fate, and his life belongs to him and him alone. He has shown this multiple times by doing things beyond his place, such as slaying Ares and the Sisters of Fate thus controlling his fate (something even Zeus had not been able to do). After becoming a god Kratos holds great anger for the gods, for forcing him into a position he did not want to be in, and not accepting him as a God of Olympus. During the course of the 2nd game Kratos repeatedly announces that he serves no one and nothing, be it a mortal, immortal, or destiny.

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