Sep 27, 2007

Kratos Biography

Kratos, born in Sparta, became the captain of a rapidly growing Spartan army. However he and his Spartan army were no match for the barbarian tribes. Being outnumbered and overpowered, his army was losing the battle. Kratos, about to be killed by the barbarians' leader, pledged himself to Ares, the God of War, in exchange for victory. The god accepted and wiped out the barbarians, giving Kratos the Blades of Chaos as a sign of his servitude and used his weapons to slay the barbarian leader.

Kratos served Ares loyally for some time. However, Ares later tricked him into killing his wife and child and as a result was cursed to wear their ashes for all time, labeled the "Ghost of Sparta" soon after. Grief-stricken, Kratos was afterwards haunted by terrible nightmares of the deaths of his family. However, the Gods offered Kratos forgiveness and immortality for his deeds in return for servitude to them, carrying out their commands for ten years.

After killing the sea monster known as The Hydra, Kratos got his chance to seek his revenge on the God of War and finally be free of the terrible nightmares that haunted him when Athena told Kratos that the gods will forgive his past if he prevents Ares from destroying Athens, ordered by Athena to seek out Pandora's box in order to help him destroy Ares. Following an Athenian Oracle's instructions, Kratos traversed the Desert of Lost Souls and found Pandora's Temple atop the back of the Titan Cronos. He made his way through the temple and retrieved Pandora's Box. Ares, sensing Kratos' success, hurled a huge pillar towards Pandora's Temple. The pillar impales and kills Kratos sending him to Hades. During the fall to the river Styx, Kratos is able to lay hold on some bones and then escapes the clutches of Hades. Kratos escaped from Hades and returned to Athens, killing Ares with the power of Pandora's Box. Although his past was forgiven, the gods could not relieve Kratos of his nightmares. Kratos attempted suicide, only to be stopped by Athena as she gave him Ares' place on Olympus as the new God of War.

As the God of War, Kratos continued his conquests, resulting in Sparta's campaign over Greece. Zeus, weary of Krato's impertinence, tricked him into relinquishing his godly powers by sending down the Blade Of Olympus and telling him to drain his powers into the sword so he would then be powerful enough to kill the colossus of Rhodes. Kratos entered the Colossus and destroyed it from the inside. As it collapsed he escaped and boasted of his victory to the gods but the hand of the colossus crashed down on him injuring him greatly. Kratos realized that draining his power into the blade had made him mortal once more. He attempted to retrieve the blade and with it his godly power,it was then Zeus came down claimed the blade and demanded that he swore his loyalty to him. Kratos refused and thus Zeus killed him and his Spartan army. As he lay dying Kratos swore vengeance on Zeus for his betrayal.

Kratos escaped from Hades with the help of the Titan Gaia, who told him to seek out the Sisters of Fate so that he may have his revenge on Zeus. After a brief visit to Typhon's lair, Kratos safely arrived on the island. After encountering numerous adversaries and allies, Kratos met in to the Sisters of Fate, desposing of them one by one when they refused to aid him. He used their mirrors to return to the moment of his death. Before Kratos could kill Zeus, Athena intervened and took the blow instead. Dying, she revealed the truth of Zeus' intentions, explained that Zeus is Kratos' father, and told Kratos that Zeus must live for the sake of Olympus. However, Kratos did not heed her wishes, saying that the time of the Gods has come to an end.

Kratos traveled back in time to the Great Titan War and took the Titans back to the present. As the game closed, he led them on an assault on Mount Olympus.

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