Nov 14, 2007

The Craft of Power

The sultan (of Persia) had sentenced two men to death. One of them, knowing how much the sultan loved his stallion, offered to teach the horse to fly within a year in return for his life. The sultan, fancying himself as the rider of the only flying horse in the world, agreed.

The other prisoner looked at his friend in disbelief. "You know horses don't fly. What made you come up with a crazy idea like that?

"You're only postponing the inevitable."
"Not so," said the first prisoner. "I have actually given myself four chances for freedom.
First, the sultan might die during the year.

Second, I might die.

Third, the horse might die.

And fourth… I might teach the horse to fly!"

The craft of Power,
R.G.H. Siu,

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