Dec 28, 2007

2007 Reconciliations

I know we all get paranoid when the year end gets closer and closer... you don't have to!
We'll discuss here in brief few points about how to reconcile your positions and get ready for fresh recharge.

1-Note down your Achievements List: If you weren't taking notes of your progress, that's too bad, but not too late to realize it. You'll have to just recall your achievements although you might miss some.
Sit back and contemplate your list... "did I accomplish anything?", "I was driving my goals? or was I simply the victim of my daily emails and the norms of my environment?" Answering these questions will let realize your status and wake-up a bit. Now, if you don't want to wake-up, it's another story, then you're a sleeper... eventually you're socially dead! however smart and important you think you are!
Now, what?
Make sure you don't do that again in 2008! We'll make as our first Objective.

2-Recognize: Reward yourself for your achievements.

3-Note down your Network Update: Who you know, old and new.

4-Mistakes you committed: Big or small, declared or hidden, don't kid yourself... reconcile!

5-Close-Down: Don't keep any of your files open. It's always better to start fresh with new resolutions. If you had to, reshape and remodel your objective; give it a face-lift!

6-Our 2008 Mission List:
     -Write them down, be it personal, private, or business related. 
     -Rank them, you can prioritize them later.
Now, we can go deeper on how you handle them, but basically you'll have to put minimum 5 actions per objective. Those actions are the ones you'll be committing along the coming year.

Are you stiff?
The main thing to concentrate on, is flexibility! You have to stress on change continuously, no matter how great you think you are! If you miss this point, you're missing the train!
Change your style to better handle issues around you.
Change your reception and perception.
Motivate yourself.
See the big picture.
Plan, plan, plan,... write them down over and over again by coming back to this list.

Good luck, if luck has anything to do with it?

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