Jun 3, 2008


Pycnogenol is a natural plant extract made from the bark of the Pinus Maritima and contains compounds that act as anti-oxidant free-radical scavengers.

Fruits, vegetables, and herbs contain large amounts of powerful and protective antioxidant nutrients. The largest group of these nutrients is known to scientists as polyphenolic flavonoids - the same type of antioxidants found in Pycnogenol.

Pycnogenol contains a rich and distinctive complex of more than 40 water-soluble antioxidants, including a variety of procyanidin compounds and organic acids.

Water solubility enhances the bioavailability of Pycnogenol, which is composed mainly of proanthocyanidins, an extremely potent subclass of antioxidant flavonoids. Pycnogenol also contains many other related organic acids as well as other polyphenols, including biologically active hydroxy-cinnamic acids, caffeic acid, ferulic acid, epicatechins, and taxifolin - still other types of flavonoids - make up the rest of Pycnogenol. While all of these flavonoids are found in a broad range of fruits, vegetables, and herbs, this single supplement, Pycnogenol, provides an optimal combination of them in a concentrated form.


(50-100mg/day); could be 120mg also.
Extracted from pine trees wood, or pine seeds. Also in the nut shells.
Available in pills.

For what?
For cholesterol & BP, but this is not our discussion here.
We are talking here about free radicals fighters.
Several enzymes in the body (SOD: Super Oxyde Dismulate,…) & metabolic enzymes.
SOD is not good by pills, not being absorbed by blood… only stomach maybe.
Pycnogenol makes the body produce these enzymes and use them to reduce cancers & aging (also pains…).

-Lypoxygenate, make Leucotraeine.
-Elastase (protein).
-“Porfira Ambilica“: sea algae, while doing lab tests for skins, they discovered its goodness for dryness in tears, good for eye lubrication.
-Pycnogenol has the ability to cross over the blood-brain barrier and protect the blood vessels in the brain from free radical damage making it beneficial to those who suffer from:
· Chronic fatigue syndrome
· Depression
· Attention Deficit disorder
· Teret Syndrome

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