Apr 5, 2009

- What If You Can Live Your Life Over Again?


Each of us have only a single life time and how we want to live it is up to our choice. We can choose to live as a musician, an artist, a lion tamer, office worker or a police man. There are lots of choices for us and in fact, the number of choices are so great that it it is hard for us to make a decision.
Even though we are spoilt for choices, many of us tend to work in an occupation that we don’t really love. For example, our desired occupation can be a dog trainer but we are working as an accountant instead because we have a degree in accountancy or maybe both of your parents are accountants and they want you to follow in their footsteps.
Choosing a career that is not really what we want in a first place lead to many problems such as…
  • Dissatisfaction
  • Lack of fulfillment in job
  • Mediocrity
I believe many of us make the decision of choosing a career that we don’t really like because of the social pressure. It doesn’t help when our family and friends are going to be pissed at the idea of working as a dog trainer when we have an accountancy degree.

What If You Can Live Your Life Over Again?

I try my best not to ask what if questions when I want to start doing something as this will lead me to analysis paralysis but I think the “what if” question will help in this situation.
Did you ever ask yourself this question?

“What if I can live my life over again? Will I be doing this again?”
I find that this is a very useful question that can help me find out what I really want in my life and it has help me greatly to make big decisions in my life.

I had learned my lesson and when it was time for my graduation, I asked myself the question, “What if I can live my life over again? Will I be doing this again?” My answer is a straight No!
The question I asked myself had helped me to make a decision to start all over again by trying to enroll for a business course(my interest) for my university while most of my friends stick on to the science courses. These are the 3 common reasons for their decision.
  • They love it
  • They hate it, but staying in the science course will ensure that they get exemptions which means a year less of studying.
  • They follow the crowd
I did the mistake of following the crowd when I am 17 and I am not going to make it again. That is why I decided that even I am not going to have any exemptions and have to study an additional year for my course, I am going to stick by my decision no matter what others say of it.

How Can You Find Your Dream Career

The only way I can think of right now is to use the trial and error method. You read books from different authors to find out who is your favourite author or listen to different music to find the genre that you love most and these are also achieved through the trial and error method. It may not be the most efficient way to find the career you really want best but it is definitely a way that will help you find out what you truly want.
To help you speed up the whole process, you can start asking yourself this question when you are in a certain career, “What if I can live my life all over again? Will I do this again?”
If you answered yes, then most probably you like what you are doing now and there is no reasons to change your career for now. But if you answered no, it is time for you to switch to another career to find what you really love to do.
Time wait for no one and instead of suffering in the wrong career choice, why not ask yourself this question and find out if what you are doing now is really what you want to be doing.

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