Jul 25, 2009

- Introducing Seishindo

In Seishindo we support you in honoring the feelings and intuitive wisdom emanating from your body, heart, and soul. It is through the ups and downs of life that you discover your own unique path and actively live the life you desire and deserve. When you discover and honor your unique connection to life, how you think and feel winds up matching your true heart's desire. 
Your rational mind, emotions, body, and soul, are all meant to function together as one integral unit. When your whole self lives and breathes as one harmonious unit, you experience who you are as having a meaningful place in the world. By studying Seishindo, you can meld Eastern and Western models of health and well-being, to enrich your life and the lives of those you work with and care for. 


-Nothing stays the same forever.
This can be especially comforting to understand when faced with seemingly insurmountable problems.
-We are all "perfect" as we are. Another way to say this is "We are all perfectly imperfect."
-Each person is much greater than the sum of their parts.
-Trust in your intelligence, talents, creativity, and soul, and do the same with all you come in contact with.
-Each person is capable of many great things. Strive to "recognize" and honor your own magnificence, and the magnificence of everyone you meet. We each have many gifts to share with the world.
-We each have all the resources we need to live a fulfilling, healthy life. This is especially so when we consider we each have resources available to us from our network of friends, family members, colleagues, and community at large. We hold this belief even though we're aware of people and cultures who seem to be destined to great hardship and tyranny.
-The whole world is talking to you and offering you all you need. The task is learning how to "listen" and receive.
-Each person's life is supported by an "intelligence" (Spirit) that is the generative force manifesting the universe we live in. At every given moment you can tap into this intelligence to support you in living the life your true heart desires.
-"You" are a relationship. You are not alone. We're all always in relationship with other people and our environment. We're all always in relationship with Spirit. Sensing into and appreciating our many interwoven relationships is crucial to maintaining a life affirming, compassionate experience of "self" and "other" and what is possible in the world. You can't really trust in yourself, more than you can trust in Life.
-Your body holds the answer to many puzzles your cognitive mind alone cannot express or solve.
-Life is a paradox we will never fully comprehend with our rational mind.
Your thoughts, actions, and emotions are all part of "one loop" of intelligence. It really isn't possible to separate out the physical, emotional, and rational components of "self".
-Logic and emotion are two sides of the same coin. You can't have one without the other.
-The body is intelligent, expressive and wise and communicates in a highly sophisticated and systematic manner.
-Your "body language" leads to the generation of your verbal language. Change the language of your body and you will change the way you think and feel.
-Pain, stress, and disease are all due to excess energy being trapped in the body. Consider your body to be like a greenhouse. When you're struggling with various challenges it's like when the sun's shining strongly, and all the windows in the greenhouse are closed. Without enough air movement the building overheats and soon all the plants will start to wilt and die. Seishindo helps you learn how to "turn down the heat" by better ventilating your system with breath and movement.
-When experiencing a challenge, staying "embodied and present in the moment" will greatly aid you in solving or dissolving the challenge.
-In order to stay embodied and present your body needs to be able to digest and assimilate your emotions. It's really a lot like when you eat. Eating too fast means your body gets stressed. Talking and thinking too fast has the same effect. When faced with challenges you need to slow down, pause often, and BREATHE.
-The meaning of our life (our reason for living), is a mystery we're all attempting to figure out.
-Everything that occurs in your life has the possibility of being transmuted into a life affirming gift.
-With humility we can realize what we don't know is much larger than what we do know.
-Every challenge you encounter has a solution.
-"Problem" and "solution" are two sides of the same coin. When experiencing a problem, do your best to find a way to flip the coin.
-Suffering, and hopefully joy as well, will visit you many times in the course of your life.
-Most of us live much of our life in the past, believing we are living in the present.
We each have the task of giving the story of our life a happy ending.
-No matter how hurtful or "wrong" we find certain people's actions to be, we'll do well to consider that each person acts from a place of "positive intention". The key in this regard is recognizing that oft times we attempt to fulfill positive intentions by implementing lousy strategies.
-We'll do well to rest easy in the knowledge that frailty and failing are part of the human condition. Few, if any of us, live our entire life adhering to the beliefs that are dear to us.

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