Oct 8, 2009

The 7 Failings of Really Useless Leaders (rev1)

“it is quicker, easier and more effective for us as managers to stop doing the things that demotivate people than it is for us to bolt on radically new techniques from acknowledged inspirational leaders…….People the world over are more likely to be disaffected, disengaged or demotivated by their managers than motivated or inspired.”

Don't Try To inspire Your People. That's Pointless. 

Just Stop The Seven Things You're Doing That Demotivate People Utterly. You ll Soon Become A Better Leader Unlike other leadership books, The Seven Failings of Really Useless Leaders does NOT concentrate on good or great leadership. 

We know that copying other people blindly just doesn't work. 

So here it is in short if you don't want to read the book :) 

    * Killing enthusiasm through micromanagement, coercion and disrespect;

    * Killing emotion by being aggressive, lacking empathy and not supporting work-life balance;

    * Killing explanation through incomplete or inconsistent communication;

    * Killing engagement with limited team goals and an insistence on managers dictating objectives;

    * Killing reward by rewarding the wrong things or doing it in the wrong way, for example, by offering a cash bonus to someone who is not motivated by money;

    * Killing culture, for example by ignoring differences in working cultures when managing mergers between organizations or by “punishing risk-taking” while trying to introduce a culture of innovation; and

    * Killing trust by making unfair decisions when hiring or rewarding staff.

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