Apr 6, 2010

- GOW III - Kratos may still be alive!

Starting straight after the events of God of War II, Kratos ascends Mount Olympus on the body of Gaia, followed closely by the other Titans. After slaying both the Leviathan and Poseidon, Kratos confronts Zeus at the top of the mountain palace, only to be blasted off. Gaia then betrays him as they both tumble down, causing Kratos to fall straight into the River Styx, losing all his abilities in the process. Shortly after arriving, Kratos meets with the spirit of Athena, who gives him a new set of chain blades called the Blades of Exile, now seeking the destruction of Zeus as well. Told to seek the Flame of Olympus, the source of all the gods' power, Kratos slashes his way through the land of the dead, encountering the banished Blacksmith god Hephaestus and killing its lord Hades in the process, and eventually murdering Hephaestus as well after traveling through Tartarus in his second visit. Arriving upon Olympus once more, Kratos continues on his quest for vengeance, killing both Olympian gods and Titans alike, each of their deaths affecting the world. 

Along the way, Kratos meets Pandora, Hephaestus' daughter, who holds the key to the flame and unlocking Pandora's Box, revealed to still exist and containing the power to kill a god within it still. At the top of the mountain, Kratos engages Zeus in battle as Pandora sacrifices herself to allow him access to the power within, only for Kratos to discover the box empty. Continuing their fight, Kratos manages to gravely wound Zeus with the Blade of Olympus and kills Gaia, however he is nearly killed by Zeus' spirit, and he mentally retreats within himself. 
After searching within himself and finally forgiving himself for his past actions, Kratos unleashes the hidden power of hope and then brutally beats Zeus to death with his bare hands. 
With the world left in ruin by his actions, Athena appears and asks that Kratos relinquish the power of hope that he had taken, only to realize that he had it from the first time he opened the box, and that the evil powers that were contained as well had actually gone forth and corrupted the gods. Refusing, Kratos takes the Blade of Olympus and impales himself, unleashing hope into the world and allowing humanity to have free access to it, not to be controlled by any god. 
Smiling in triumph, Kratos lays among the ruins of Olympus, blood flowing out of him. 
However, in a post-credits scene, Kratos' body is no longer present, only a trail of blood leading out of the Olympian ruins, indicating that Kratos may still be alive.
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