Apr 26, 2011

- The World Loses a Great Man and a Great Leader

We were devastated by the news of death of our great friend Rami Makhzoumi the CEO of Future Pipe, who passed away on the 23rd of April at the age of just 33. He was an inspiration to everyone he encountered.

He leaves a wife, Chiara, and three children, May, Yasmina and Nour Makhzoumi. He leaves a father, Fouad, and mother, May. Our thoughts are with them, the rest of the family and the people and friends in and around his many companies and businesses.

Rami was an idol, an imaginary mentor, and not from this world... he was a visitor, a very fast one... he was always motivated and to him nothing was impossible to achieve... he made his followers beleive that they can accomplish just anything they want, if only they employ the proper commitment, seriousness, integrity, and perseverance. 

All who sincerely understood Rami and stood by him and supported him realize what we mean!

Rami was a present brother, great father and family person, available friend, excellent listener and young leader of the future generation.

His loss is a tragedy to all of us... for with his loss we miss the inspiration and support he used to endulge everyone with.

Dear Rami, 
..we shall continue the journey that you have set for us, 
..we shall fulfill your dreams in your Honour,
..we shall follow your leadership footsteps,
..we shall remember your words of motivation,
..we shall keep our commitment to the passed-on traits,
..we shall revisit you everyday and see you in every step and decision we take...

Dear Rami, may your soul rest in peace and in Heaven.

God Bless All Who Those Who Believe.

Official memorial website:

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