May 5, 2011

- Cold sores!!! Are there any natural remedies that work?

Cold sores are caused by herpes virus!!! yes a virus...I was surprized too myself this week when i got infected after a cold-flu run period. I thought the cold was over when i completed my Klacid course because of my track infection, but the sores had already erupted, around the nose area.

The herpes virus feeds off an amino acid called arginine. If you supplement lysine, an amino acid that looks like arginine, you fool the virus and effectively starve it!

Supplementing 1,000mg is recommended every day, away from food, to keep the virus at bay. When you have an active infection, supplement 3,000mg of lysine a day and cut right back on foods rich in arginine, which include beans, lentils, nuts and chocolate. The more stressed you are, the weaker your immune system becomes, and this allows the virus to become active - which is why many people succumb to cold sores when they're run down. A powerful immune-boosting combination is 3g of vitamin C every day; take it with lysine.

Some people are now getting great results staying off cold sores with a special form of sulphur, MSM. This is an anti-viral and appears to strip away the protective coating of a virus. You can get MSM in supplement and cream form. Start by taking 3g a day, and work up until you find the dose that keeps your cold sores away; for some people this is 10g.

As always, under extreme conditions consult with your doctor :)

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