Aug 23, 2011

- Breaking the FEAR Barrier

A company's worst enemy is not always the competition. Sometimes it's the fear that lives within its own walls.

So says Breaking the Fear Barrier: How Fear Destroys Companies From the Inside Out and What to Do About It, the latest book from Gallup Press.

In companies, fear can take many forms: fear of not meeting a goal, of not getting a bonus, of losing respect. Fear compels employees and managers to protect themselves by creating impenetrable barriers fortified by rules and practices that benefit one group over others.

These barriers might seem insurmountable, but they're not. They were built internally — they can be destroyed internally.

By learning from the real-world lessons in Breaking the Fear Barrier, leaders, managers, and employees can overcome the barriers that plague their company. 
It takes courageous leadership, and it can be difficult. But the result will be nothing less than transformational.

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